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The Hermann-Grima + Gallier Historic House Museums is proud to offer the chronicle of our own history in a lavishly illustrated book, Luxury, Inequity & Yellow Fever: Living Legacies and the Story of Old New Orleans, published in 2014.

Written and photographed by Kerri McCaffety, the book examines the lifestyles of Samuel Hermann, a wealthy German broker, and his family; Felix Grima, a prominent attorney and judge, and his family; architects James Gallier Sr. and Jr., and their families; but also the slaves who served as cooks, laundresses, seamstresses, gardeners, carpenters and horsemen for the estates.

“Luxury, Inequity & Yellow Fever pulls back the damask draperies to show modern eyes what life was like inside the complex society of 19th-century New Orleans. The story of these homes and the multiple generations who occupied them, McCaffety writes, “is not just that of the wealthy, but of the free people of color, or gens de couleur libre, and the immigrants who were the craftsmen creating the amazing interiors, the enslaved workers who ran the day-to-day business of the house, and the women of all status who, with few exceptions, were dependent on the men and strictly marginalized.”

– excerpt from the Times Picayune

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