The Hermann-Grima + Gallier Historic Houses provide a unique opportunity for guests to become immersed in an intriguing time in our history. Each of our historic home tours can accommodate up to 45 to 60 people and lasts for up to one hour.

History of the Residences

Built in 1831 and owned by the Women’s Exchange, the Hermann-Grima House was at one time used to provide a place for less fortunate women to sell their homemade products and family heirlooms. It later operated as a boarding house for single women who weren’t allowed to rent elsewhere. The Gallier House was originally the home of New Orleans architect James Gallier, Jr. and was built around 1860. Our experienced guides will share stories of the generations that once occupied these homes, both free and enslaved.

Historically Rich New Orleans Museums

Although both museums give visitors a rare glimpse into the 19th century, they each showcase their own unique features. The Hermann-Grima House offers guests an opportunity to witness the living quarters of the enslaved as well as outbuildings, bedrooms, dining rooms, a lovely courtyard, and more. The displayed objects are either authentically antique, restored, or historically accurate reproductions. In fact, nearly half of all furnishings, art, and collections were originally owned by the families that first lived on the property.

The Gallier House, on the other hand, exhibits a picturesque Victorian theme and still holds some of the authentic toys, games, and tea sets that once entertained the Gallier children. The home also features formal parlors, a kitchen, and pantry area. A particularly notable fact is that the Gallier’s had hot and cold running water, which was a rarity during that period.

New Orleans Attractions Everyone Can Enjoy

The historic home tours offered by the Hermann-Grima + Gallier Historic Houses are an excellent way to explore New Orleans’ history. We welcome all visitors including locals, seniors, and even those visiting from other states and countries. School tours and field trips are also provided, giving students from grade school to college a learning opportunity outside the classroom walls. Educational specialty tours that focus on archaeology and living history experiences are also available. We also happily cater to both small and large groups.

Come and experience a tour filled with rich history from the days of old. To make a group reservation, give us a call at 504-274-0750 or email for more information.