Gallier Gatherings is our popular monthly speaker series. We feature lectures by locals and nationally-known experts with a focus on historical connections to the Houses, modern day New Orleans, and beyond.  Our Gatherings bring together both diverse participants and audiences with dynamic and engaging topics.  Join us at Gallier House, located in the French Quarter at 1132 Royal Street, New Orleans, LA 70116, on the second Wednesday of each month from 6PM – 7:30PM for a Gallier Gathering.  Tickets are just $10.00 in advance and include a complimentary wine reception with the speaker at 7:00PM.

July 11th Gallier Gathering  Get Tickets

Obstinate Beauty: Wildflowers of New Orleans

Laura Reiff is a horticulturist with eighteen years of experience growing plants in New Orleans. She was the native plants horticulturist at Longue Vue House and Gardens, caring for all aspects of the historic house museum’s one-acre Wild Garden. Her other gardening interests include edible plants, plant and insect interactions, and soil science. Laura also made the first detection of a major agricultural pest in Louisiana and ended up working for USDA’s Plant and Animal Health Inspection Service inspecting citrus trees. She has also worked as a copy editor and occasional writer at Preservation in Print. (Photos courtesy of Laura Reiff)


June 13th Gallier Gathering with 

How Women Shaped the History and Development of New Orleans

New Orleans writer, historian and researcher. Mary Gehman was the founder of the publishing company Margaret Media, Inc. (1981 to 2014, when she sold it). The company was named in honor of 19th century philanthropist Margaret Haughery for whom the first statue of a woman in the U.S. was erected in New Orleans in 1884.

Gehman used it to publish the latter editions of a women’s monthly newspaper Distaff which she helped to found and edit intermittently from 1972 to 1981. In 1988 she published her book Women and New Orleans: A History through Margaret Media, followed by The Free People of Color of New Orleans: An Introduction in 1994 and Touring Louisiana’s Great River Road in 2003.

In 2017, Mary formed Dville Press. Dville Press LLC is located in Donaldsonville, Louisiana to promote local authors and artists.



May 9th Gallier Gathering

Road Trips of the Roaring Twenties



Imagine packing up your vehicle to set out on a road trip to some unseen destination along the Gulf Coast (a more than common activity today, yes) – but what if you could see it through the lens of 1925?!
Well, before Google Maps there were TripTiks, and before that we had national road atlases, and before those, elaborately folded paper maps. But in the 1920s the Times-Picayune took the work out of plotting the path, and published hand-drawn, detailed adventure guides for a whole eager new generation of “Motorlog” road trippers.
Road Trips of the Roaring Twenties: discovers what is to be found in this series of treasured travelogues and illustrated maps – a quintessential medium that reveals how people of past were able to newly navigate the earth – all in a time when when American’s were breaking free from old ideals and realizing the new possibilities of traversing great distances, one tank at a time.
Join us at the Gallier Gathering on May 9th, for a presentation reveals the way we once set-out – on paved, shell, gravel, and dirt roads – across a landscape forgotten in time, to explore an environment so precious to us now.


Joseph S. Makkos is a writer, printmaker, and a self-described media archaeologist, having salvaged and restored historic printing equipment from at least a dozen print shops to date. Using these resources he actively runs a design studio and print shop, which focuses on artful production and independent publishing for local businesses, writers, and artists alike.

In another capacity he curates Nola DNA, a one-of-a-kind archive of thousands of historic New Orleans newspapers dating from the late 19th to the early 20th century. With this archive he works with various local organizations to present and exhibit works in the collection, revealing hidden histories and untold stories of the region.
He currently writes a special New Orleans tricentennial column for Preservation In Print magazine called: “Archives Uncovered.” Currently his main topics of research include: the history of preservation, and the golden age of illustration, and 1920s gulf coast road trip culture.