• In partnership with teachers and chaperones, students are divided into small groups with a staff member assigned to each group
  • Students rotate every 20 minutes from house, to courtyard, to kitchen giving them an approximately hour-long experience
  • Each rotation includes artifacts and objects that students can touch, hold, or use in order to give them a tactile experience to create strong and positive memories
  • Staff members share narratives and talking points for each space that include the city’s cultural diversity and the stories of all of the people who originally lived and worked at the historic property
  • Students are given time to ask questions, explore, talk, and contemplate their experience
  • Each student leaves the visit with complimentary family tickets to be able to return with family for a return tour

Our dialogue with teachers begins long before the field trip! We work with teachers on an individual basis to craft an experience that will meet the needs of their students.  Popular topics include 19th-century lifestyles, local geography, architecture, and Louisiana history.  We encourage teachers to take a complimentary tour of the museum before visiting with students.  For more information, please see our “Teacher Resource” page for details and logistics or contact education@hgghh.org.





Trinity at HG 2016