Two of New Orleans’ best preserved historic landmarks in the storied French Quarter are available for fun scout activities. The Hermann Grima + Gallier Historical Houses showcase timeless architecture and cultural artifacts in one of the oldest neighborhoods in the United States.

About the Hermann-Grima House

The Hermann-Grima House is one of the best-restored examples of Federal-style architecture in the United States. Built in 1831, the mansion includes a courtyard garden and the only existing horse stable still in the French Quarter. The mansion was built for Samuel Hermann, a German-born commodities broker and prominent businessman in the decades following the Louisiana Purchase. Mr. Hermann lost his fortune in the market crash of 1837 and sold the house to Felix Grima, a prominent local lawyer. The Grima family occupied the home from 1844 to 1921.

About the Gallier House

James Gallier Jr. and his father James Gallier Sr. were two of the most prominent New Orleans architects in the 19th century. Together, the Galliers designed some of New Orleans’ most famous landmarks including Gallier Hall (formerly City Hall) and the French Opera House. The Gallier House was built between 1857 and 1860 and was designed by James Gallier Jr. to include a bevy of modern engineering innovations for him and his family. Today, its verdigris gates opening on Royal Street welcome visitors interested in this stately historic home, a perfect site for fun scout activities.

Scout Activities

Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts can enjoy a range of activities at these two locations. The Hermann-Grima and Gallier Houses offer workshops based on the requirements of the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America. Workshops include cooking, jewelry making, archaeology, and more. Workshops are all conducted on-site at the historical properties and include guided tours, as well as family passes for return visits.

Immerse troops in the rich history of New Orleans with fun scout activities at these historic properties. To schedule a troop visit, call (504) 274-0751 or email

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