The Hermann-Grima+Gallier Historic Houses maintains and provides access to two historic houses in the French Quarter both constructed in the early to mid 19th century.  The houses combined steward over 3000 items of decorative arts including paintings, furniture, and other artifacts that are either original to the houses or best representation of the period.


The mission of the Hermann-Grima + Gallier Historic Houses is to preserve and present the architecture and history of New Orleans beginning with the 19th century construction of the houses through the mid 20th century. We aim to be an example of best practices and stewardship both in architectural preservation and in inclusive education. We build invigorating partnerships on both community and national levels to increase the reach of the houses while their histories contribute to a larger conversation.  The educational programming of the Hermann-Grima + Gallier Historic Houses is offered to local community members as well as out of town visitors, ensuring that an accurate and inclusive history of the Houses is well communicated and adding to the overall historical fabric of New Orleans.  To this effect we continually work to expand our interpretation of both houses, including the lives of the enslaved peoples who both lived and worked in the houses. Our engaging programming for all ages inspires an interest in preservation for the future.